• Boys and their toys.

    Blogger - Janet Moorse, Communications Volunteer
    We were on holiday in Suffolk last week and I took the family to Minsmere. Obviously the sunshine helped, but what an adventure for my nine and 11 year olds? Pheasants in the car park, sand martins beside the tea rooms, we didn’t need binoculars. The birds threw themselves at us as we headed for the beach.
    After a flock of tripods and excited pointing fingers,…
    • 28 Apr 2011
  • Watch out....Giant owl is hunting for you!

    BLOGGER: Rachael Murray
    ‘'Owlbert' in Bedford streets to find nature volunteers!
    A giant owl called ‘Owlbert’ is flapping around Bedford with his huge silver and green binoculars today. But rather than hunting for voles and mice, he’s searching for nature lovers who may want to raise money for local wildlife projects. 
    We're aiming to raise £10,000 during our Love Nature Week…
    • 27 Apr 2011
  • A whole lotta chocolate fun!

    Blogger: Erica Howe, Communications Manager
    My birthday tends to fall either side of the Easter weekend which, when i was younger and at school was always a real bonus. It meant we had two weeks off, time to play outside and if we were lucky, lots of chocolate!
    My memories of this school holiday always make me smile. The sun constantly shone and we never ever stopped having fun. My brother and I always wore our adventure…
    • 26 Apr 2011
  • Thinking outside the (egg) box this Easter

    Blogger: Aggie Rothon, Communications Officer

    We got desperate the other night. We were having one of those 'after dinner pudding cravings' which saw us rooting to the back of the cupboard where we had stashed the Easter eggs ready for the weekend. Paul's egg was in fact a giant white chocolate Easter bunny. The bunny now no longer has ears or a face. We felt bad, momentarily, for the demise of poor Peter but, hey, it…

    • 21 Apr 2011
  • Top Prize £1000

    Blogger: Adam Murray, Communications Officer

    The Nature of Farming Award celebrates the fantastic work farmers are already doing for wildlife - with a top prize of £1,000 for the very best! Nature of Farming Award entry deadline is fast approaching on 30 April - the May Bank holiday weekend.

    We are putting out a final call in the East for applications for this year's Nature of Farming Award. The competition aims…

    • 20 Apr 2011
  • Remembering Cuckoos

    Blogger: Aggie Rothon, Communications Officer

    Photo Credit: Dunnock by John Bridges (rspb-images.com)

    I don't know what it was that reminded me. Perhaps it was visiting Gunton park, my childhood home, or the eerie sight of a field of ewes stopping to stare at me mid-chew as I ambled past their field; they were absolutely resolute and motionless. Or it could have been catching a programme about the cuckoos at Wicken…

    • 18 Apr 2011
  • What a Pass!

    Blogger: Adam Murray, Communications Officer

    Visitors to the RSPB's Titchwell Marsh Reserve are currently being treated to the annual spring spectacular sky-dancing routines performed by one of the UK rarest breeding birds. Marsh Harriers are a true conservation success story. Once extinct as a breeding bird in England due to habitat loss and persecution, they have made a spectacular comeback. Although they are still…

    • 15 Apr 2011
  • Fantastic opportunity at Flatford Wildlife Garden

    Blogger: Annie Sadler, Volunteering Development Officer

    As the world starts to become green again, the birds are singing and insects buzzing, Flatford Wildlife Garden is taking shape.


    The RSPB is bringing this old garden back to life. One third of an acre, on the River Stour near Flatford Mill in the Dedham Vale Area of Natural Beauty, landscapers are under-way, working hard on the state of the art design, all for…

    • 15 Apr 2011
  • Diggers, ducklings and decadence

    Blogger: Erica Howe, Communications Manager
    Finding inspiration can come from the most unusual places! It’s not often that i’m stumped for words, but sometimes, when you’re having ‘one of those days’ it’s not easy to write an exciting piece of prose or come up with a energetic way of describing something.
    In an attempt to get out of the office and find a new stream of inspiration…
    • 13 Apr 2011
  • We need your stories

    We're on the look out for stories and we're wondering whether anyone out there will be able to help us! We're looking for two things...

    1)Wildlife mysteries - Has anyone reported something strange going on in their garden, any late night invaders that are ransacking through the vegetable patches or perhaps any reports of an animal that's moved in to the home but the owners have no idea what it is? …

    • 12 Apr 2011
  • The Science behind the Magic

    Blogger: Rachael Murray, Media Assistant

    It's that time of year when many great volunteers in the Eastern Region get their boots on and stomp around farmer's fields, absorbing the glorious sunrises whilst surveying the farmland birds.

    The RSPB's Volunteer and Farmer Alliance Project (V&FA) has been running for twelve years in the region. The scheme aims to help reverse the decline of farmland bird populations…

    • 12 Apr 2011
  • You've got that soaring feeling

    We often get interesting phone calls at work. Some of the conversations I over hear on the phone are wonderful. I suppose it’s the nature of what we do, but it’s also testament to just how much people are moved by the natural world around us. So moved, that they can’t wait to tell someone about it. One such phone call last week was no exception. 
    Image by Andy Thompson
    The scene was set. It…
    • 11 Apr 2011
  • The art of the countryside

    Blogger: Laura White. PA to Public Affairs Manager
     I love impressionism, Claude Monets capturing of the light around him was so accurate that scientists are now using his paintings to work out the composition of gases in the atmosphere at the time he was painting. I wish I was blessed with a talent to paint, as the landscape of Norfolk where I live is so inspiring and lends itself to the ideals of impressionism; it invites…
    • 8 Apr 2011
  • Nature where you least expect it

    Blogger: Gena Correale-Wardle, Community Fundraising Officer

    This morning I was ready a little earlier than usual so decided I would take a longer walk to work along the river Wensum via Cow Tower. This is one of my favourite walks in the city, you step off the busy pavement at Whitefriars Bridge and are soon surrounded by an ocean of calm along the small footpath.

    Shafts of sunlight (if you're lucky!) shine through…

    • 7 Apr 2011
  • Superheroes in the Woods

    Blogger: Adam Murray, Communications Officer

    I don't know about you, but there is something rather special about how the woodland floor shakes off its drab brown winter coat at this time of year. Emerging at speed is a splendid green cape of foliage hugging the trees and, like watching your favourite movie again and again, you know that the best is still to come. You may be going for your normal dog walk or weekend ramble…

    • 5 Apr 2011
  • Outdoors vs. Indoors

    Blogger: Aggie Rothon, Communications Officer

    The most recent acquisition to our household has been a shiny black Labrador called Rose. She moults massively, rolls in fox musk, digs underneath the compost bin and eats cow poo but is one of the most courteous and patient beasts I have ever come across. She is also continually positive. A motivational guru dressed with a thick tail, stocky frame and triangular ears cut…

    • 4 Apr 2011
  • April Fools Day Plot Foiled

    Blogger: Adam Murray, Communications Officer

    After this morning's story of the stone curlew with mothering instincts for a creme egg  it became clear that with a little digging that this would not have happened because the aforementioned eggs are not found in the same habitat. However, the egg in question was recovered and has now been cared for by the RSPB's Communication Team. Unfortunately due to its delicious…

    • 1 Apr 2011
  • Put up the Bunting, the Swallows are Here!

    Blogger: Murray Brown, RSPB Volunteer Project Coordinator

    Swallows have arrived in the park and are busy feeding over the lake with the occasional house martin.  'Our' swallows winter as far away as South Africa and yet all of a sudden here they are...amazing isn't it?  The males look particularly elegant as they sport much longer tail streamers.  Strangely no sand martins have been recorded as yet but we've…

    • 1 Apr 2011
  • Eggs-pectant Mother

    Blogger: Rachael Murray, Media Assistant

    A local resident in Suffolk had an early Easter surprise this week after discovering a rather unusual egg in her back garden.  Avril Sciocco, from Sudbury, was taking advantage of the sunny spring weather to hang out her washing, when she spotted a glinting article coming from her former vegetable patch, now the stony bottom of the garden. 

    Avril describes: "I wanted to make sure…

    • 1 Apr 2011