• Soaring spirits, but a stark reminder

    RSPB images
    It was a gloomy day in November and I was running a tedious errand that took me towards the Norfolk coast. Driving along, I wondered if I would see any pink-footed geese munching on the harvested sugar beet tops. ‘That would brighten my journey’, I thought to myself, ‘otherwise I really will have to eat the whole of that family sized chocolate bar calling my name from the passenger seat’. …
    • 30 Nov 2010
  • Searching for an avian punk

    Watching wildlife can be absolutely breathtaking. Regardless of your age or experience, spotting something you’ve never seen before or simply catching a glimpse of a cheeky robin in your garden, can leave you totally mesmerised. Most of my encounters with birds, mammals and insects have happened purely by chance, walking through the city, out on a bike ride or driving through the countryside. My latest wildlife adventure…

    • 16 Nov 2010
  • Think squirrels, think nuts.

    Headlines, tweets and status updates. Forty-five characters to tell everyone what's on your mind. For someone that is a fan of a nice quote, like me, nothing can be more addictive. This particular quote, from my friend Tom's facebook page made me laugh, even though I think he may well have borrowed it from David Brent. It read, "What does a squirrel do in summer? It buries nuts. Why? So that in winter he's got something…

    • 4 Nov 2010
  • Bat's the way to do it!

    Image: Kevin Simmonds www.wildlifeimagary.co.uk
    With the nights well and truly drawing in, the cold, crisp autumnal air is biting more and more at our cheeks and it’s the time of year to start thinking about those classic winter comforts. Home-made soup, a roaring fire, big snuggly jumpers and hot chocolate to name a few. How about filling your belly with a side dish of 3000 insects; spiders, flies, mosquitoes all…
    • 1 Nov 2010