Chris Heaton-Harris MP is ‘clearly in a spin’ over windfarms after he was filmed covertly by Greenpeace.

In his latest anti-environment faux pas, he claims to have been hassling the RSPB ‘because they’ve been crap’ [on wind farm policy].

Commenting on the MP’s outburst, Martin Harper, the RSPB Conservation Director, said: “Chris Heaton-Harris is clearly in a spin over windfarms. If only he’d done some ‘half-decent research’ before he started calling us names, he might not have got it so wrong. We’re very clear that climate change is the greatest environmental challenge humanity is facing and wind turbines, in the right place, have a role to help combat this global threat.

“He accuses us of being ‘timid’ on the issue, but we’re very strong. We’re examining around 250 windfarm applications a year to ensure they don’t harm birds and wildlife, and after research and investigation we’re sustaining objections on wildlife grounds to around six per cent: unfortunately, wind farms are still being built in inappropriate places and, through better planning, I’d like to be in a position where we don’t have to object to any.

“Although Mr Heaton-Harris admits he has ‘no idea’ of the research of the wildlife impacts of wind turbines, the electorate have a generally good understanding of environmental issues.”

Dr Mike Clarke, the RSPB’s chief executive, wrote to Mr Heaton-Harris MP in March 2012 explaining the RSPB’s policies on wind energy, and the threat of climate change.