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Sparrowhawk decimates bird population

  • In reply to Enough is enough :

    Enough is enough said:
    I disagree why do u think birds of prey were hunted for hundreds of years because of the damage they do u wouldn't let a ferret in a hen house anyway to late now giving money to the rspb ain't bringing any birds bk every garden I've been to I see feathers were a sparrow hawk as killed

    Do you realise this thread is more than 11 years old to just come back to support hunting of raptors or as below

    Game-shooting industry announces propaganda supergroup. Article by Raptor Persecution.



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    Translating what you have written, you are contradicting yourself, 'Enough is enough'. First of all, you say there are no birds left.You then go on to state every garden you go in there are piles of feathers. Strange if there were no birds left. Secondly, piles of feathers can be caused by cats.

    I didn't quite understand your point (s?) about pigeons and grouse.

    Eagle owls are unpopular with most people incl those people who don't like sparrowhawks, so adding them into the mix will make that worse won't it?

    Finally, not sure why you 'liked' your own post. People can see who likes posts.
  • In reply to Enough is enough :

    Enough is enough said:
    Have your birds come back

    Jan almost certainly won't reply as it's an extremely old thread. However, the reason she got sparrowhawks was even way back then, she was spending (at a bare minimum I'd suggest as people often underestimate their spending) £400 a year on bird food. That is a recipe for sparrowhawks to come to that garden. If people don't want sparrowhawks in their gardens, the best way to reduce the likelihood is to not feed & encourage the other birds! In answer to your question to Jan, of course the birds came back. They will continue to do so if huge amounts of money are spent on feeding them.

  • Totally Sympathise With You On This Issue But Can I Ask You If It's The Financial Side Your Upset Over Or The Fact That The Hawk Itself Is Doing What Comes Naturally To It And Feeding sits Family ?
    I May Seem Harsh But We Cannot Interfere Or Intervene Into Wild Nature As There Wouldn't Be Any Birds Of Prey If We Stopped Them From Feeding on Thier Natural Prey .
    It's A Human Instinct To Feel.Empathy For Something In Trouble And We All Feel The Need To Help The Little Bird Being Prayed Upon But It's Natures Way Of Doing Things And We Just Have To Get On With It .
  • Hi

    I have a sparrow hawk hunting in my garden on a regular basis - have a healthy sparrow population as well as a good sprinkling of various other species of garden birds and drop in's e.g. goldfinch, tits. You haven't provided the natural cover attributes of your garden - maybe the lack of cover has meant that your regular visitors have scarpered due to the threat in the short term. As sparrow hawks are opportunists so are all bird species when looking out for a meal. Both will be back and be rest assured your garden will be thriving once again - both need to eat to survive. Think of ways you can introduce cover or put in a tall structure such as a garden wooden post - by observing the behaviour of my sparrow population I have noticed that whilst some are using the feeder others are keeping watch for the sparrow group.
  • I agree with what you wrote, Nick. The thread is very old and I remember the days when I first responded to it! As valid as your points were, I don't think many/any other contributors to the thread still use the site, and when those people did, their arguments were very flawed.