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Baby House Martin


We had a House Martin nest in the eaves on the gable wall of our house and as we’ve had a digger digging out our front garden yesterday and today, the vibrations of it must have made the nest fall down. The digger guy said a chick fell to the ground this morning (onto earth thank goodness) and brought him into us.
My partner put it into a box and it seems to be pretty able bodied and not injured. 

As the nest has gone and I have no idea how to rear it on our own, would anyone possibly be able to rear it for us please? Or give me some advice as to what to do? If it’s not too difficult maybe we could be successful.
It has some adult feathers and some downy feathers, so my guess is it was near to fledging soon anyway

We live in Fforest, near Swansea in Wales

If there is anyone available  within a 30 mile radius please, you would literally be a life saver. 

I hope someone can help please


  • Hi sorry no one has replied yet. You could try here for some help
    By me replying it will bump up your post and others maybe more helpful
    Good luck

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • It is probably too late, but please don't try and hand rear it. This is one of the species that really does need expert care. Even then, it may be too late if you have still got it. They also need to be kept extremely warm. Surprisingly warm. A box in the kitchen isn't warm enough. Hoepfully you've found an expert with Linda's link or elsewhere.