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Sparrowhawk in garden

  • It does upset you to watch the birds your used to feeding become dinner for this Hawk but we can't ignore or butt into natural selection or natures way .
  • In reply to Alexander Agnew :

    Thanks, I don't have the hawk anymore. And we do that all the time, playing with nature... Reintroducing one species there, trying to contain another one for all the valid reason in the world....because as human being we have to control all of this. Etc... So I don't understand why my post should be analysed and moralised. The society decides what is acceptable or not and that is not !
    In between, I am not killing any creatures, I love all of them. Just rearranging stuffs around in my garden to welcom the most! So if the sparrowhawk does not come anymore, it's because I added shrubs and other things, all naturals !