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How far should your nest boxes be away from your bird feeders,

I read that it’s not a good place to put your nest box near your bird feeders, what would be the minimum distance  away.

thank you in advance 

  • I have had a Google and found this being asked before, it was suggested 10 feet but someone answered who had one, 7 feet away from feeders and they were being used. Keep a clear flight pathway to the boxes as well. If you go onto the RSPB main site and Google, nest boxes, feeding etc you will find lots of advice.

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  • In reply to Catlady:

    Thank you Catlady I will move mine and I have bought another one so thank you for this information. Wanted to get it right before the spring.
  • In reply to i love robins:

    You can put them up now ILR, as the birds like to use boxes to roost in at night in for shelter in the cold, wet, windy weather, if you look about you may see this happening.

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    You have been a star for me today Catlady thank you for your help
  • Just a big n.b. I don't think whether a nestbox is used is vindication or proof it is far enough away from feeders. The problem with feeder location to nestboxes is extra/excess/unnecessary competition. Success of nestboxes is probably a better measure. Personally, I think 7 ft apart is far too close if you're planning to put food in the feeders during the breeding season. At that sort of distance, you might as well put them 1 ft apart as it's not going to alter bird behaviour anymore than would already be the case.
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    Just trying to help someone out Robbo and passed on what others had said that's all. Yes of course feed as far away from boxes, that point I did not make to ILR and should have.

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  • In reply to Catlady:

    Hi Catlady I understood, I have a place in mind well away from my feeders and thanks again.
  • In reply to Catlady:

    I've re-read my post incase I got my wording wrong. Sorry if any offence was caused. I have to say my wording doesn't appear an issue IMO. If someone reads something and disagrees with it, they have a choice of saying nothing, or saying something along the lines of why they disagree with it. That is what I did.

    I accept you just passed on what you'd read and meant no more than to help 'i love robins'.

    However, as you proved, people search and find things on internet. If things go unchallenged, they can be seen as 'correct' or 'a good opinion'. If others disagree, they have to decide if it's worth giving an alternative.