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House Martins nesting

  • Sorry you're having a similarly unsuccessful year with martins as me. As previous years, the only species able to 'raid' the nests are house sparrows and GSWs. Sparrowhawks will take feeding adults but don't damage the least haven't up to now as far as I'm aware. A magpie took an adult by lunging from the garage roof which was too near to the nest. No chance of them getting up at the better located ones though.
  • Thanks for your feedback. We have had a couple of fledgings and have 5 or 6 on eggs (we think). time is running short for a second brood but the early ones may try.

    As much as we hate the artificial nests they have provided a safe haven and hopefully encouraged the later arrivals to join our little colony.
  • Artificial nests certainly help and are far less unsuccessful here.