Diclofenac in europe

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    Thanks very much for sharing this Roy.

    I had a brief catch up with my colleagues in SEO (the Spanish Birdlife partner) and Birdlife Europe. They remain very concerned about the threat to vultures from diclofenac and will continue to fight to get it banned for veterinary use. You can read about SEO's work to date on their website here: www.seo.org/.../diclofenaco, and hopefully between Roy and I we'll be able to share further updates here later in the year about their ongoing work.


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    I've had an update from our BirdLife secretariat in Europe on vet diclofenac in Spain and Portugal. Today a coalition of Birdlife partners, WWF and the Vulture Conservation Foundation have launched their campaign to get veterinary diclofenac banned in Europe.

    If you'd like to get involved and help our BirdLife partners SEO (Spain) and SPEA (Portugal), you can sign the petition here: www.banvetdiclofenac.com/.../act. There also lots of information and resources on the website about why diclofenac is so damaging to vultures and why vultures themselves are so important.

    If you're on social media you can share BirdLife's messages

    -     Facebook post (in English and French): www.facebook.com/.../296867124056234

    -     Twitter post (in English): twitter.com/.../885416396615712769

    or write your own using their hashtag #BanVetDiclofenac and of course the petition link: www.banvetdiclofenac.com/.../act!

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    Signed and retweeted

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    Joined the Group just to sign, thanks for putting it on the community forum.

    Lot to learn