Diclofenac in europe

I wrote to all West Midlands MEPs in March 2014 drawing their attention to the diclofenac issue. I had one reply from Phil Bennion MEP which suggested I write to the commission. I duly did this and got a prompt but rather unsatisfactory reply stating the current policy and outlining consultations which were ongoing. After the Euro elections I wrote again to the new batch of MEPs and had a very encouraging reply from Sion Simon MEP, who agreed to take positive actions with Commission and in the Parliament. He had been unaware of the issue before reading my letter. He also pointed out that any EU citizen can submit a petition to the European Parliament asking them to consider and debate particular issues. There is an online form at : http://www.europarl.europa.eu/aboutparliament/en/00533cec74/Petitions.html If enough RSPB members petition about diclofenac maybe we can get the European Parliament to act? Also even if you wrote in the past without effect, the body of MEPs has changed so it is definitely worth writing again.