Act now to protect the laws that protect nature!

The laws that protect the nature we love are under threat yet again.

It’s ironic that the same UK Government making commitments to global targets for nature’s recovery should be considering abandoning the domestic laws most important to keeping those promises.

But caught up in a drive for deregulation, that’s exactly what’s on the table. Scrapping the Habitats Regulations is presented as a simple option, easy to implement because nature has no voice to defend itself.

The crucial first step in ensuring the new Prime Minister thinks twice about dismantling the Habitats Regulations in the autumn is to contact our MPs now. We must let them know that we understand how important these laws are to the places and species we love.

What action do we want to see?   
Now is a time to be looking forward. The Habitats Regulations have shown time and time again that they can effectively protect nature. Rather than once again questioning their effectiveness, we need the UK Government to accept that they are vital. We need governments across the UK to invest in the additional protections nature really needs. Only then can we drive nature’s recovery.

The UK Government must act fast and:

  • Urgently stop threatening to dismantle the Habitats Regulations and instead look to provide the additional protection nature needs to recover
  • Grow the existing network of protected sites to create more habitat for nature and deliver on our commitment to protect 30% of the UK’s land and sea by 2030
  • Make sure protected habitats are well-managed to provide the best possible conditions for wildlife
  • Help tackle the many pressures our wildlife is facing, such as pollution, climate change and inappropriate development

To find out more about what the Habitats Regulations are and how they’ve helped nature, read our helpful guide.

How can you help?

Please contact your MP today. Many RSPB supporters have contacted their local MP before to be a voice for nature and there are several ways you can do it form writing a letter or email, to picking up the phone, or even visiting them for a chat. As it’s the summer break, your local MP is likely to be spending more time in their constituency and will have more time to meet people.

Speaking up doesn’t have to be daunting and we’ve prepared some simple advice to help you do it. And if you’re not sure who your MP is or how to contact them you can find out here.

If you can speak up we would love to hear how it went and what your MP said. Please drop us an email at