The children at The Coach House Day Nursery Forest School took part in the RSPB's Big Schools' Birdwatch.  Leading up to the survey the Forest School leaders talked to the children about counting the birds.  They made bird feeders to encourage as many types of birds as they could in the weeks leading up to the bird count.  The group of children went out into the Forest.

First they listened to see if they could hear the bird calls and they followed the sounds.  The children were given a sheet with pictures of the birds and they then had to count and mark down each time they saw one of the birds shown on the sheet.  The children crept up behind the trees and bushes in an attempt not to scare the birds away, trying to be as quiet as they could. 

The Coach House Forest School will send their results off to the RSPB to be included in their count.

We saw;

1 Magpie,

1 Robin

1 Blackbird,

2 Wood pigeons 

5  Blue tits