We’d like to say a big thank you to RSPB Northern Ireland for coming to St Comgall's Primary School in Bangor and doing the Schools' Birdwatch with the P3 children. They enjoyed learning about the different birds, what they look like and the songs they sing.

Since the visit, the children have helped keep the feeding stations full of seeds etc. and we plan to make some of the bird pastry into wiggly worms to help make St Comgall's a long term home for the birds.

We also got great advice on how to use the survey to support our action plan for the biodiversity topic of Eco Schools. Based on the results of the survey, we are providing winter feeding in suspended feeders (nuts, seeds and pastry in pinecones) for our magpies, blue tits, finches, starlings and house sparrows. 

Our school already welcomes starlings, which are nesting under our roof. We plan to build a terrace of nestboxes for our house sparrows as we understand they are finding life difficult and perhaps nest boxes for our robin, blue tits and great tits too. 

Our Eco Committee is having fun at the moment creating a bug hotel to provide minibeast food  for all species to feed their young in the spring. The teachers have been having fun suggesting suitable names like "Bitz Hotel", "Grand Bug and Pest Hotel”, “The Radisson Bluebottle” and of course book a stay on “Exmillipedeia”!


Fionnuala Taylor-Wilson