Our first guest post this year is from fairandfunky, a community interest company with the mission statement: 'empowering people to take little steps to change the world'

Feed the birds!


At fairandfunky we’re always looking for new ways to empower people to take little steps to change the world. In our SCRAPtastic workshops we only ever use recycled materials and encourage people to think about the things they throw away. In fairandfunky after school club our motto is “don’t throw it away, make something!”


This month we have been making bird feeders with after school club and were delighted when our tweets were picked up by the RSPB Learning team and thrilled to be asked to write a little “How to make a bird feeder blog”.


Things you will need:

An old juice carton

An old carrier bag



PVA Glue


Your first job is to rinse out your juice carton! Next, you need to lie the carton down and cut a hole in the middle of one side. It can be tricky to pierce the carton so do please be careful.


This hole is where you will put your tit-bits for the birds so it needs to be big…..but not too big. Then on either side of your juice carton cut little triangular flaps for the wings. Remember to only cut 2 sides of your triangle otherwise you’ll cut the wings off!


The next bit is the messy bit – cut up an old carrier bag into bits and then stick all over your juice carton, adding eyes and a beak and other feathery details as required.

Finally, using scissors, pierce a hole across the top to thread through some string so you can hang the finished feeder in your garden.


In making your bird feeder you are taking more than one step to change the world! You are recycling, saving food scraps, AND encouraging wildlife to your garden.


Happy birdwatching!


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