A scavenger hunt is a great activity to do with your children and pupils this winter. There are so many things from the natural world to discover as our wildlife prepare for winter; birds will begin to fly away to warmer climes, and animals will be looking for nuts and berries to eat and collect in preparation for hibernation.

A great idea is to make up a treasure box before you go outside - this could simply be made with some shoe or cereal boxes, and decorated with natural objects such as sticks, leaves, paper and paint. Each child could make their own, or you could create larger boxes for groups of children and they could work together to decorate them.

Here are some suggestions for things that you could look for when you're on your hunt, but you may want to add some things to your scavenger hunt list before you go which are more specific to your local area (famous landmarks/a particular type of tree/a bird you know that visits your garden etc).

Original photo Andy Hay (rspb-images.com)

If you enjoy this activity, then you'll love our Wildsquare surveys, designed especially for children they encourage you to explore the natural world in your local area to coincide with the changing seasons, so there's always something new to look for and discover. The current survey is called 'preparing for winter' and you will be asked to look for nuts and seeds, plants with coloured berries, trees with leaves, and flocks of birds.