At last, all the data from the website and all that has been sent via the post has been collated. An enormous thank you to every school, club, family – every single person that has taken part in this year’s Big Schools’ Birdwatch.

The data will now spend a few weeks with our scientists who will analyse it and find out the top ten birds for 2015 – as well as finding the top ten birds for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. It will be interesting to see how the fortunes of our birds have changed since last year.

Whilst we’re all waiting for the results to come out, do remember that if you log onto your account for Big Schools’ Birdwatch you obtain access to some data handling software, allowing you to compare your own data for this year to your data from last year, or, if you didn’t take part last year, to compare this year’s data to the UK average for last year:

The results should be out in a few weeks time. I will be posting a summary on the blog when they are released and everyone that took part should receive a letter and a free 'pond-life' poster on the same day.

Until then, consider following us on Twitter @RSPB_Learning for our latest education news.

Credit: Paul Chesterfield (

A little egret, a slightly more unusual species recorded by at least one school during this year's Big Schools' Birdwatch