Sleeping with Corncrakes – sample information pack for accommodation providers

Once you sign up to the scheme, you will receive an information pack, car stickers to sell, a display box for the stickers and a poster to display above the box.

The information pack will be customised for your area, and an example (for the Argyll Islands) is shown below.

Please contact your local Corncrake Calling representative to discuss how to sign up and specific actions you can take locally to help corncrakes.



How else can you help corncrakes?

Why not sign up to become a corncrake champion so you can hear about the latest from the project? There are various ways you can help Corncrake Calling, including reporting your sightings of corncrakes if you are lucky enough to hear one whilst on holiday or if they are calling close to where you live.

If you are a crofter or farmer in a corncrake area, visit the Corncrake Calling Land Management pages to find out how RSPB Scotland can help you to help corncrakes through advice and funding.