Submitting results....

Can someone please advise me how I submit results at the end of my watching hour online

 I'm a daft bird !!!!! 

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    Hi Sarah,

    Thanks very much for letting me know so quickly, will watch out for the submit button on the homepage

    Fiona  ( daft bird )

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    Iam also having problems finding the submit button!  Help please from an 'old bird'!

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    Thank you!

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    Where is this flippin/ button? I cant find it.

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    Hi Alan or Sarah - there is something I need to know which can't find in the all you need to know.

    Are we watching just 1 hour on either day or 1 hour on each day.  And if 1 hour each day do we submit results separately, ie submit Saturdays watch on Saturday and submit Sundays watch on Sunday.?

    Many thanks Jo

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    Thanks Alan, I expect tomorrow there will be more than today, oh well.  will submit results now.

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    Doggie , the little so & sos  know when one wants to count them. Bet mine will wait till my hour is up tomorrow morning!!!!!!!!!! and then turn up be the dozen LOL LOL LOL

  • I have given up I am going round and round in circles. The submit button takes me to a login page, then is never to be seen again
  • Hi,
    Go to the Homepage of the RSPB website and you will see submit your results. Press on that link and follow the instructions. It is very easy.. It should say login or continue without an account. Press continue without an account and follow the instructions. It is very easy.Then you  will be asked to put your title, then first name, then last name, then are you 18 years or over, then email address , then phone numbers optional, then postcode, then it will have a list of the addresses in your postcode



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    Finally worked today. I still had to submit after login and had to use the without account option. What a pain to do something so simple