Where are the birds

  • Now they are cutting corn they go for that.

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    Topsy said:

    We have lots of Sparrows. I have noticed a decline in House Martins this year. Has anyone else noticed?

    Do/did the martins nest on your house?

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    I'm afraid if you have lots of sparrows (and GSWs regularly visiting your gardens), you will be noticing a decline in house martins.

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    They nested next door, I can see them from the patio. The nest was cracked, they reared 3 broods last year.  The neighbour was told not to destroy the nest, he knows I am a BTO/RSPB member. The nest was taken down in February. The same pair, I think have nested at the end of the street.

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    Ok thanks. Most of our martin made nests were brought down by sparrows late Winter/early Spring. There is a colony here again now, but I had to take emergency action to stop sparrows destroying this year's martin breeding season. Certainly, a large chunk of reasons why martins have declined in the south of England is because of human intolerance, and nest destruction/predation by house sparrows, ever growing GSW populations etc.