• Going, going, GONE

    Our auction of designer made nestboxes has closed.

    These creations are one-off masterpieces from the UK's top fashion names. If you were one of the successful bidders, you've bagged a bargain and can relax, safe in the knowledge that you've invested in UK nature.

    We're losing our wildlife and more desperately needs to be done to buffer wildlife from the threat of climate change and protect our landscapes…

    • 23 Feb 2014
  • Saturday swapshop

     It's Saturday! 

    In our #NestboxAuction Saturday Swapshop we'll give you a one of these brilliant and original nestboxes ... each one beautifully hand decorated by one of the UK's leading fashion designers ... in exchange for a big wad of cash.

    OK, it's not a  swapshop. It is an auction; but the bit about the world class, big-name celeb designers is true. You can't get bigger than these names - in no particular…

    • 22 Feb 2014
  • From catwalk to birdbox

    Time's passing and the bids for our celebrity designer created bird boxes are still coming.

    The Catwalk to Birdbox idea was sparked by the coincidental clashing of National Nestbox Week with London Fashion Week and today's featured designs are a successful marriage between the two from a trio of British Empire celebrants.

    As Vogue puts it, in a write up about his latest collection, "John Rocha CBE loves frou…

    • 21 Feb 2014
  • Conservation with attitude

    Plumage is incredibly important for birds. It’s not just about the effectiveness of feathers to keep them warm and dry; it’s also about attracting partners, fitting in (camouflage) or standing out.

    A peacock strutting its stuff is little different to the teddy boys, the Mods, rockers, punks and new romantics. It’s all image and attitude. Two fashion designers who not only feed this need but also set…

    • 20 Feb 2014
  • Landscapes and landmarks in one big fashionable country

    I’ve often said I see more wildlife in London than I ever did growing-up in the wilds of Herefordshire. And while I miss the culture, bustle and energy of the city when I return to the land of my childhood, I also embrace the rejuvenating landscape of those Welsh borders.

    This urban/rural contrast is the theme for today’s showcase of two of the UK’s biggest names in fashion to have contributed to our …

    • 19 Feb 2014
  • Designers for [a sparkly, suave and sloganed] green future

    In the birdworld, New Guinea's bowerbird wins the medal for artful nest-making:

    Bowerbird nest decorated with bottle tops & straws, courtesy of melbourneer.com

    Here in the UK, the medal winners of the fashion world are giving nature's nestmakers a run for their money with one-off masterpieces to raise money giving nature a home in the UK.

    To celebrate National nestbox week and London Fashion Week, the UK's top designers have created some amazing nestboxes reflecting their unique styles…

    • 18 Feb 2014
  • Designer, DJ, milliner Piers Atkinson on why he's Giving Nature a Home

    Piers Atkinson is an artist, illustrator, milliner, costume designer, party organiser, fashion editor and DJ with an "insatiable curiosity". Piers’s creations regularly appear in the pages of Vogue, Italian Vogue, V Magazine, Tatler and the London broadsheets and now you can own one of his fantastic original creations and help fund conservation work in the UK by bidding in our #NestboxAuction run in partnership…

    • 17 Feb 2014
  • London Fashion Week designer nestboxes auction

    The auction is OPEN!

    I am just SO excited. The waiting is over. The auction is open for the most creative, most fun nestboxes I have ever seen.

    What’s that? Fun, creative nestboxes? But don’t birds usually prefer muted colours that fit in with their natural habitat rather than choose a home that says ‘look at me, I’m different – and quite possibly a tad risque but awfully covetable ... BUY ME and GIVE NATURE…

    • 14 Feb 2014
  • Why counting cockney sparras improves London

    Two thirds of London is made up not of buildings and roads, but green spaces.

    There are the big parks, heaths, marshes and commons, but a lot is private gardens, allotments, squares, and of course the rail, road and waterway embankments. Despite a desperate need for housing and supportive infrastructure, support for, and protection of, these valuable green spaces remains a priority.Central London seen from Hampstead Heath

    Green space is vital for our physical…

    • 6 Feb 2014