• Pickled think

    The successful development of the Thames Estuary is our birthright.

    The Right Honourable Eric Pickles MP, Secretary of State, Department for Communities & Local Government (c) Grahame Madge

    That was the assertion of the Rt Hon Eric Pickles, above, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. The Banner behind him reads 'Greater Thames' and he was speaking at the official launch of our Futurescape.

    So what is it all about?

    I'm glad you asked me that. It's about the body and soul of the Thames Estuary. As the Minister…

    • 28 Feb 2013
  • What goes round...

    My day started with a real bang the other morning, when my bike tyre exploded. Everyone stared, wondering if it had been a gunshot.My exploded inner tube

    Forced to find another way in to work, I took full advatage of being on the bus and tube with commuters to eavesdrop ... and the conversation was not typical for a grey and chilly urban midweek schlep. It was all horses and foxes. Not the hunt gathering sort of conversations, but outrage at…

    • 16 Feb 2013
  • Reaping what you sow

    The other night I was inspired and motivated in equal measure as I attended the launch of the Natural History Museum's new exhibition, "Extinction - Not the end of the world".

    It was an amazing scene in the Central Hall with the dinosaur skeleton lit red and the lights in the vast cathedral-like hall dimmed.

    Guest speaker Owen Paterson, the Defra minister told us all how wonderful our countryside is and…

    • 9 Feb 2013