• Cockney Sparrow Count success

    Dig out the bunting and buy the ingredients for a celebratory cake, it may soon be time to party.

    Thank you to everyone who contributed to our 2012 house sparrow survey, updating one completed in 2002.

    2002 survey results showing no sparrows in Central London

    2012 survey results suggesting a slight increase particularly to the east

    We asked you to tell us where sparrows live in London so we could compare the findings of the two surveys, revealing change over the ten year gap. There's been no dramatic change, in fact the 2012 results reinforce…

    • 29 Nov 2012
  • The arks in our parks

    London is lucky in having lots of public green spaces, compared with other similar world cities that is.

    One of our trial seed mixes looking stunning during reasearchVarious Kings and Queens maintained parks for pleasure and sport, then came the Victorians who created new open spaces. Canals, roads and train-lines added corridors through the maze of buildings and London took shape. That's the whirlwind guide. In a similarly speedy way let me take you to a time after the Second World…

    • 28 Nov 2012
  • Sowing seeds for a greener London

    Have you ever stared at the side profile of City Hall? For years now I've wanted to stick a sparrow's head on it's teardrop shape, as it it would make a wonderful giant sparrow.

    Can you tell the difference

    A monumental nod to the cockney sparra's brave and chirpy character and its similarity to the London spirit which makes our capital city such a great place to live and work.

    With this in mind, what better place to meet and share…

    • 26 Nov 2012