• Trust your nature

    I was contacted by the Daily Mail this week about some photos they'd got of a fox looking for an easy meal at Barnes. Nothing unusual in that; it's what foxes do. It was what happened next that was fun. All the ducks, geese, coots and cormorants ganged-up in a rare moment of solidarity, effectively telling the fox to move on without a hiss, quack or wing flap needed.

    Fox at Barnes (c) David Dyson_KNS News

    After the fox had departed, I expect they returned…

    • 25 Oct 2012
  • Feel the quality, but don't sniff too deeply

    #getoutdoors, take a deep breathe and let yourself unwind, then explore what's around you.Today, the RSPB revealed a system for measuring how well connected you are with the natural world.

    It's all about quality of life and the state of our environment. In simple terms, it means how we feel about, and interact with, nature and wildlife.

    There are International and UK Government agreements stating how important the natural world is for our health and well being. These commitments stress the importance of everyone…

    • 17 Oct 2012
  • Squish the squash or inflate a balloon for a better world

    Epping Forest doesn't have money trees, but it will serve as a visual prompt for the clumsy analogyImagine your cash as the leaves on a tree. You've taken great care to ensure they grow while the sun shines, but autumn's here and darker days lie ahead. It's always been that way. But sinister forces are at work.

    This year has seen erratic weather and my limp and pale leaves have long lost their value, as we continue to be battered by the winds of an economic storm,  made more ferocious by the impacts of climate…

    • 13 Oct 2012
  • Londoners unite and demand a healthier countryside for your money

    If you're going out with mates this evening and everyone's having a great time, stop it dead by saying the following out loud: "Today marks the fifth anniversary of laws preventing people from paving over front gardens without planning permission".

    Life and soul of the party you are not. But you've shown your green credentials. You get a big tick for stepping up for nature.

    Heaven knows where we…

    • 1 Oct 2012