• George Osborne's Autumn Speech

    A Thames barge glides beneath Tower BridgeTwo of the many great things about London are the River Thames and the large number of open spaces you can escape to, spaces where you can cycle, fish, run, play, walk your dog, watch the world go by or simply rage against the machine.

    Much of London's infrastructure, from its sewers right through to its lay-out with large public spaces, was created by the Victorians. They even built an empire and established economic models…

    • 30 Nov 2011
  • In praise of Boris

    Sunshine and a sunflower in a London gardenI whole-heartedly congratulate London Mayor Boris Johnson on his latest inflammatory comments.

    In a letter to Chancellor George Osborne, the Conservative Mayor of London, has attacked the Government over its cuts to solar subsidies; warning that halving the “feed-in tariff” would “slowly suffocate” the nascent renewables industry. These are the payments to householders for the energy they generate…

    • 21 Nov 2011
  • Unstoppable forces?

    A silvery thread of sparkly water is the current focus of my life. It's a mental stream that bubbles and gurggles, carrying hope and energy as it gathers strength to become a swift flowing surge and then a powerful current out into the magnificent ocean of the world's conscience.

    Fancy words to paint a picture of small voices coming together in greater numbers to loudly deliver a joint message to world leaders…

    • 9 Nov 2011
  • Known unknowns and unkown knowns

    Conservation is not about setting things in aspic, it's about natural balance; getting the best outcome for wildlife, people and our economy.

    The Thames Tunnel, which should prevent raw sewage spewing into the Thames as it passes through our Capital City in the 21st Century, is a typical example. It's also long overdue, which is why the RSPB has joined a coalition called Thames Tunnel Now.

    Thames barrier - aint it grand?I love the Thames…

    • 1 Nov 2011