• Green shoots and new residents

    Love Nature Week will run from Saturday 30 May to Sunday 7 June 2009 and we're looking for volunteers to help us raise money for our conservation work You can hear it in the chirping and cheeping. Not only are green shoots thrusting through the soil and tender buds unfurling, but the birds are getting fresh too. As if to underline the arrival of spring, a big fat queen bumblebee has explored our flowering heather and the few crocus flowers not yet eaten by the squirrels. The poor bee's probably looking for a suitable hive site.

    Spring is here. There'll be a frenzy…

    • 23 Feb 2009
  • I thought I saw a puddy cat

    In the space of just three months I seem to have acquired three new and regular visitors to my garden. A ginger and white cat, a black and white cat and a tabby.

    A fat cat victim? Puss given the boot? Don't judge on heresy.They all loiter in the shrubs and hide behind bumps and pot plants. They stalk leaves blowing in the wind and have had several attempts to catch garden birds. I'm delighted and amused to report that, so far, each witnessed attempt has failed.

    The mammal s…

    • 17 Feb 2009
  • Funny valentine

    Gratuitous piccy of the snow at RSPB AbernethyI have a confession. I'm in love, but frustrated.

    I love my partner, my children, my work and the way nature constantly surprises, amazes and reminds me how unimportant people can be. The recent weather is a case in point. A couple of hours of heavy snow and life changed for thousands of people. But that's not why I'm frustrated.

    My children make lots of noise and break things, but they're not frustrating me…

    • 9 Feb 2009
  • Snowy owl time

    You're cold and hungry. You sit down for a meal but your food, the plate, cutlery and even the table are covered in six inches of freezing cold wadding.

    Beautiful bramblings come into gardens when food becomes hard to find in the countrysideThat's the reality for some of the birds in my garden this morning. Deep snow has blanketed everything; and it's still falling!

    Birds have quite high body temperatures that need to be maintained or they die. You're quite possibly tired of hearing this from the…

    • 2 Feb 2009