• Goosey, goosey, gander, gobble.

    Barnacle geese (pictured), bean geese and white-fronted geese all dropped in to Rainham just before Christmas as a sort of early present and although it was only the 82 barnacle geese that stayed for the dog days of December, it was all very welcome.

    Adult barnacle goose - not eaten by me! Illustration by Mike Langman (RSPB)Barnacle geese get their name from an old fable that they grew from barnacles, the small hard-shelled sea creatures that cling to boat hulls and rocks. Because of this, Catholics…

    • 27 Dec 2007
  • Has Christmas come early?

    A call to arms to address inadequate national flood protection and a kingfisher takes up residence at Rainham.

    I have been accused by co-workers of being the office scrooge this season and I do feel a bit scrooge-like. Beautifully wrapped presents but gosh, another pair of socks! Or, put another way, fine words on tackling flooding, but where's the action.

    Shrewsbury under waterIt would be easy for the UK government to pledge millions to…

    • 17 Dec 2007
  • Brill wind brings hope

    We've been at the London Boat Show this past week with a stand all about our Albatross campaign and the work we're doing to convince the government of the need for a Marine Bill.

    Black browed albatross

    We're enjoying some success in saving the 19 species of albatross currently struggling to survive. We're not making as much progress with the Marine Bill. Despite cross-party support, we're still waiting for Gordon Brown to deliver on…

    • 12 Dec 2007
  • Christmas quackers - or, striving to live in harmony with nature

    The sky was gun-metal grey but the sun had broken through a chink in the clouds turning Rainham Marshes' reedbeds and water meadows the colour of golden straw. If this vision was not enough to make you stop and stare then the swirling, shimmering flock of hundreds of lapwings certainly would. One minute you saw them, the next they merged with the sky as they turned their white wings away from the sun.
    Lapwings in flightThey were the…

    • 5 Dec 2007