Osprey Limited Edition Print

Osprey Limited Edition Print

Loch Garten - 06 Aug 2009

  • OK, I managed to get a message to Andrew Hutchinson. I'm afraid he doesn't know the identity of the osprey he painted. Ah well, it was worth a try :(

  • The only info there is on the print itself is "Celebrating 50 years of ospreys in Scotland" and it was painted by Andrew Hutchinson. There are only 1200 of them and ours is number 431. I don't think there was anything written on the back. I wonder if a google will find anything...or even Andrew Hutchinson himself to ask. Hmmm....

  • Ok and thanks Karen.

    The picture is absolutely beautiful! :-)

  • Tiger - Sorry I don't know the identity.  Perhaps someone who has acquired a copy of the print this year can tell us exactly what is written on it.

    Sandy - Unfortunately I do not have a copy being a member.  I only snapped a photo of the print when I was at LG to let everyone see it.  This print is hanging up in the Osprey Centre and the reason my photo is not straight is because the flash reflects on the picture when taken straight on.  I therefore had to take it on an angle.  

  • Oh I would love to know the identity of this bird. It crops up everywhere but I do not know its identity. Does the picture say what bird it is?