A great day out to Welney!

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    That sounds interesting . . . . I've got a few shots, so I will enlarge them for further discussion!

    You are right it is a Bean Goose, the beak gives it away with the white rump. Not sure whether that is good or really good!

    Look forward to some input!







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    WOW! Well done David. A great sighting and super photos.

    The necessity of bird-watching is a really good reason for avoiding all forms of housework.

    The dust will still be there tomorrow - the birds may not be!

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    Hi David

    Love your report, and your pictures.

    The 'dancing' ducks are super.  Looks like they are doing Duck water aerobics.

    Love the idea of all mod cons at the bird hides.  Great idea - carpets etc... maybe heated seats next LOL 

    Thank you for sharing your day.


    Kathy and Dave

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    Hadn't really paid much attention to the goose when I first looked at pictures, but agree that it is a Bean Goose, I do remember seeing 3 or 4 there once before.


    "Feed the birds, tuppence a bag" Mary Poppins