New car :-)

  • Blimey, that's a fearsome looking beast. I reckon you could get to the south pole in that. Actually, it looks as though you've already started.



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    It's an amazing car, funnily enough TJ I wouldn't mind testing it out in the south pole!

    Nope not ex-military, just a modified Defender, completely lol.

    I've had no trouble in the snow whatsoever...More fun actually! :-)

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    If thats a car whats my Corsa lol



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    I'm not really into cars, but Joey looks a fine specimen, Becca.  You can do some serious motoring in that one.


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    Lol Ray! That's a car too, but I've always preferred big cars, I don't think I'll go any bigger than this one though.

    It's noisy, it's bulky, it's slow, but I wouldn't change it.

    It's meant to be bulky, wouldn't be a Landy otherwise! As for slow and noisy, it's had so many modifications that's what makes it noisy.

    The exhaust has been moved to come out behind the passenger seat (very noisy!) spot lights on the roof front and back, snorkel, winch, tow bar, roll cage, mud terrain tyres, 2" lift, bucket seats, heavy duty clutch (made for off road use!) I think that's everything but I'm bound to think of more!

    So far, best car I've ever owned! I certainly get some looks LOL!

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    Becca, many moons ago we had a long wheel base series 2 that had been used for Hot Air Ballon recovery, we took it up the East of the Uk and back by the West.  A wheel fell off coming down the mountain roads in the Cairngorms and we blew a gasket head driving through Devizes.  The key did not work in the ignition so if we stopped or stalled one of us had to jump out and start it with a pair of pliers.  Loved that Landie to bits and had such fun with it.

    Caroline in Jersey

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    Niiice wheels Becca, i'd love something like that.!!

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    LOL Caroline!

    The good thing with Landys is they're so easy to fix and get parts for, I'm hoping I'll have better luck with this one than my Freelander.

    It's done well so far, as the Freelander was stuck in the driveway yesterday and I had to tow it out of my road and then completely round a country lane lol.

    And after the snow last night, I'm happy again :-)

    Thanks Daz, it's brilliant, can't fault it so far, apart from being quite cold compared to a normal car, heating isn't quite as good LOL

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    Quite ome beast there Beccy,heck of an improvement on the old 1952 series 1 landie we used to have,also used a series 2 when working for local water company,some great times around their estates with that one.


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    Thanks Seaman, an improvement?! Oh I'm not sure about that, never been in such a cold car in my life, after driving for a couple of hours it starts to warm up but apart from that...No chance lol.

    Took it down the 'longest ford in Europe' last night, bad idea, it was still partially frozen and only managed about 1/8th of the roughly just over a mile long ford. It's flat but has sudden drops every so often which obviously you can't see coming. We done about 3 of them, and with water over the bonnet (between 3 and 4ft deep) to say I was scared is an understatement, so when I got to a dry bit opened the doors and let the water out, and decided best thing to do was to turn around in a ford which is only as wide as a small-medium sized car, so much for 3 point turns, mine was about 20 lol!

    After being there for about an hour and a half we eventually got out, and that's where I got out the car too with a big sigh of relief!

    Electrics have gone a bit funny, one of the headlights has stopped working and full beams don't seem quite so bright, but I'll try them again this morning.

    The front of the car above the bumper and inside it around the winch was just full of ice so there was me at 11pm scooping ice out with my bare hands LOL, I'll have nightmares from that night for the rest of my life I'm sure of it!

    Right, better get down the garage and make sure my car is still alright LOL