New car :-)

Haven't been around for a few days, but as I got my new car on Saturday afternoon and it snowed Saturday evening, I've been making the most of it and playing :-D

I went out this afternoon to finally grab some photos of it in the snow, and ended up meeting another Land Rover which had gotten stuck so I towed them out whilst there :-)

So here he is, I've named him Joey, and I love him already absolutely amazing car!

Not really 'birding' I know, but just thought I'd share my happiness with all of you!

Becca :-)

  • Anonymous

    So whats the distinguishing features between male and female then becca :-)

    it looks good and chunky mind you


  • Blimey you will be going out on search and rescue with that Becca

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  • In reply to JudiM:

    I hope you aren't parked next to me in a carpark! There wouldn't be much room between us!!

    Cheers, Linda.

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  • In reply to Sparrow:

    LOL, well it doesn't look very feminine does it?! So it's definitely a male :-)

    I've already done a couple of rescues with it, towed a couple of people out of the snow over the weekend, it's a brilliant car.

    LOL Sparrow! It is a bit of a monster, with all the modifications on it, you don't realise how bit it is until you see it in person, I'm only tiny (5ft!) So I practically have to launch myself in to it!

  • In reply to Sparrow:

    Are you sure you have enough lights there Becca lol.

    So it was you who was praying for snow and minus degree temps last weekend.

    A very old Shropshire Lad.

  • In reply to ChrisS.:

    What a beauty Becca. No stoppping you now all the off road driving, no need to get cold now lol :)

  • In reply to bright&breezy:

    Oh, wow, that's one fine-looking motor, bet you are having all sorts of fun in the snow :D

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  • In reply to aiki:

    Wow that is a beauty of a beasty you have there Becca!!

    Glad that its turned up + been helpful to stranded snow goers.


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  • In reply to osprey:

    hello Becca, WOW!! Jammy or what? No excuses now for being late for work or not taking your wee dog for a walk in the countryside lol! Regards David

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  • In reply to doggie:

    Proper job. No wonder you are chuffed. Is it ex-military by any chance?  Can't beat a good landie.

    Caroline in Jersey

    Cin J