Feather identification

Please can someone help Identify this feather 

About the size of wood pigeon feather 

  • Hi Amy,

    First thing, it would be best to change your user name as this is a public forum and using your email can lead to unwanted spam :(

    Can you give a few more details of where the feather was found - the mottling make me think of certain types but environment will rule some out - i.e. if it was an inner city garden I would not think of looking at curlew - but if it was out on the moors or rocky shoreline then it's a possibility
    If you have lots of free time this is the site many use to help www.featherbase.info/.../home

    Cin J

  • In reply to Germain:

    Thank you got the advice regarding the username which I’ve now changed.

    It was found at a national trust, an area with lots of gardens/large trees and also had a river nearby - hope that helps