I'm just outside of the red weather warning area. But the wind is still very very strong!

  1. I'm just outside of the red weather warning area this evening in North East England in Gateshead by about 10-20 miles! But the wind outside still sounds very vsry strong! Anyone in the Red Weather Warning area right now: Stay safe!



  • I'm in the red warning zone. It's wild but probably not quite as bad as Aberdeenshire further up the coast. Some areas near here have lost power.
  • I am down in South Wales and wind is bad here with 45mph gusts but I am feeling for the North of the UK expecially Scotland where I know it is so bad.

    Praying everyone stays safe...
  • Stay safe everyone!

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  • Hope everyone in the various affected areas are safe & sound - we have hit 60mph a couple of times and I watched Erik being blown across the lawn in one gust last night - which surprised him given he weighs in at around 13stone and has 4 paw drive!

    Cin J

  • We had a very wild night here in the middle of N.Yorkshire and it is still very blowy this morning. Chris and myself did not get a lot of sleep as we both seem to be suffering from the side affects from having our Covid booster yesterday so we have not been out to check for any wind damage. Stay safe out there if you're going to be out and about


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  • Hello everyone, hope you are all safe and well. Up here in Caithness we had very high winds, we are used to winds as it is always windy with us, it was gusting around 60, not nice at all. A lovely sunny, lot less windier day today, not been out to look around yet, hopefully all is good, take care.

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  • I'm in a yellow warning area, W Midlands, we've had winds upto 45mph (F8 moderate gale) now purring around 28mph (F6 strong breeze).

    I believe the East Midlands has had it bad, particularly around the Dark Peak area, which borders on to South Yorkshire


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