Blackbird bye bye.

Hi All,

   I posted a couple of months ago that on August the 1st every blackbird disappear from my garden. This year it was the 2nd. Now for the last seven years that was it. No blackbirds until spring.

   So just to prove me wrong I have had a blackbird visit daily over the last four days. The thing is I think it is probably from Russia as I understand that some leave to go on holiday and some Russian birds arrive here for their holidays.

   What makes me think it is Russian is that it is obviously a male, very dark black feathers, but with a black beak.

   I know we have blackbirds from round here (East Midlands) go to Russia as one which had been tagged was recorded there.

   Now can somebody with more knowledge than me confirm my theory.

Toodle pip.



  • Sorry can't confirm your theory Hooky but our 1st year male blackbirds don't get their orange beaks until December-April...Yes we do get visiting ones from Scandinavia but not too sure about sure someone shall correct me if am wrong ;-)

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • In reply to Linda257:

    Hi Linda 257,
    That is good knowledge and just goes to show how needed this site is to share information. I never knew about changing beak colours. That might be what the this blackbird's secret is.
    We will both know within six months if he sticks around.
    A big thank you.

    Kind regards,