Injured Seagull, Please help!

My dog came across a seagull laying on the beach. It tried to nip him but otherwise didn't move. I had my husband hold our dogs and slowly approached, she hardly reacted to me, even when I picked her up.  We took her to our boat (we live at a marina) and put her in the restroom with some water. We're in Mexico, so finding help has proved to be a challenge. I called a wild animal rehabilitation place I've worked with in the states. They apparently got taken over by a bigger nonprofit. Because I'm out of the country they wouldn't even give me advice and didn't have any referrals to a wildlife rehabilitator in Mexico. So I tried the pet rescues down here and got a referral to one, but was warned they may be too busy to take her. I messaged them and they asked for pictures. After that, they dropped the ball. So I raided our fridge and found some salmon. She loved it! So at this point, she's eating, drinking, and making a mess. It looks like her tail feathers got ripped out. What's left is in tatters. She's a juvenile but has fully formed wings. So shouldn't she be able to fly? She also doesn't like to walk and it appears she can't straighten her legs, she'll flap her wings, fully stretched, but not make it even an inch off the ground. I'm baffled as to what could be wrong with her, besides the splayed feet. We have a collapsable tub I set up for her today. She happily drank the water, swam around, and gave herself a bath. But when she was done, I had to help her out.

If we're caring for her until she's strong enough to fly, I would like to do it right. I had her swim twice today, but I'm not sure if that's enough? So far she's had maceral, tuna, salmon, and egg. She's very intelligent and will poke at your feet when she wants food. I had no idea how smart they are, I've found out a ton of interesting facts, but nothing about care and rehabilitation. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  • You mention Mexico and the States, which makes it a little difficult to suggest anything with knowledge of their operations. Based on Mexico States rather than US States I did find on the web Mexico Wildlife Rehabilitators & Rescue Groups (

    How good or supportive they are I have no idea, all I did was put in to a browser search box "mexico bird rescue organisations".

    There aren't many species of animal, bird, or insects for that matter that aren't intelligent and I'm pleased you've discovered that in a positive way for you and the seagull. Digressing slightly, watching all creatures on how they go about their daily business I find fascinating and the intuitiveness they show is second to none.

    Back to the subject in question, I'm not able to offer much advice on the welfare of wild animals, though it does seem what you're doing is positive from the gulls perspective of comfort.

    If I'm wrong, hopefully someone will correct me and provide the correct information.


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  • No further help from me either by way of help centres in your country but I have read that Gulls also like wet cat & dog food in jelly!
    Good luck in nursing this bird back to health!


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