Help with feather identification

Hello all, could someone help identify this large brown feather. I found it in a park in Lincolnshire UK, last month. 17" long. Thank you.

  • Anyone willing to help me identify this feather, where do i start? I have overall length and colour and location found, so is there a online library/catalogue?
  • Hi BMB, sorry no one has answered your question. I have no idea, I have searched for a decent site for you to look at but can only find US sites. Many pictures but no names. Will have another look and come back to you if I find a site.

    Edit, have added the link Alan has suggested.

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  • I was just about to bump your post back up Birdie so well done CL
    Google featherbase and you should see examples of feathers.
    Looking at the length I would say it's from a breed of pheasant.
    If you are on Twitter look for @eddrewitt and he will tell you, if you're not on I'll ask tomorrow.

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