House sparrow fledgling - is it ok?

Hi everyone, I think we have a juvenile house sparrow in our garden. It is very fluffy and has some orange at the side of its beak. The orange is what makes me believe it's juvenile. What do you think? Have attached some pics. My question is I see it napping throughout the day for say 5 mins under a hedge, then it will go and forage for food. Is this normal behaviour? Is it sick or do the baby birds just do this? 

It seems to manage up onto the feeder ok and flies away if I get close altho it's definitely more trusting than the adults as its slower to fly away.  

  • Hi, I would say that it is a young one not long fledged and finding its was about, The parents will be around to look after and feed it, so I would keep your distance and let the young one find its way.

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  • Thank you, I noticed it was with its dad yesterday he wasn't feeding it but foraging with it, but it's been on its own most of the day today. I wonder if it's now at the stage where parents think it can fend for itself as it can fly now? Seems a bit slow and awkward, as you say its maybe just finding its way.
  • Have a look here, this may help.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.