Baby fledgling found on ground.

Guys, hopefully someone can assist, just got back home after a walk. And there's a baby fledgling on the ground, and still alive. 

I don't know if the neighbours cat had got hold of him from a nest, or got thrown out of his nest. I'm going with the former.

Believe it's a starling, brown with beige specs, size of a chick. Surely not old enough yet to fly the nest?

Got it in a shoe box with tissue at the moment, question is, what do I do? What do I feed it? How do I care for it? 


  • It's not a starling. Hard to tell from that angle. Probably robin.

    They can leave a nest, esp if escaping from a predator. Better off trying to get it to a rescue centre. Not sure if there are any in your area that take calls on Sundays. Worth an internet search.
  • Try here ...


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  • (Update) placed him outside where he was found while still in the shoe box.

    Amazing seeing how birds start to flock around like they've just been informed. Nature's so beautiful.

    So whether a magpie or a willow tit spread the word and got rescued.

    Half an hour later I presume he flew off. Nature takes its course.

    Looking my book of birds, possibly was a blackbird. Did see a grown blackbird fly down close by at the time.

    Happy ending hopefully.
  • In reply to Jonno:

    Not sure why you asked for advice as there is no way that bird got out of the box. It has obviously been predated by magpie or crow.