Bullfinch and daisies

For more than a week now a male Bullfinch has been hopping about on our lawn almost all day long, usually alone, sometime with his mate.  He is clearly feeding, pecking at daisies and dandelion flowers. We have a feeder that he visits occasionally but he seems more interested in the flowers.  Is this normal behaviour? He does seem very exposed out there, especially as a Sparrowhawk regularly flashes through, and his little legs seem poorly adapted for moving about through grass.

  • They love fresh seeds and pods.
    I get a pair visiting when the "Forget-me-nots" flower, with the feeders totally ignored in preference to the blue flowerheads.

    Richard B

  • Lovely to have a Bullfinch as a regular guest. I've seen many other Finches, e.g. Goldfinches, Serins , Greenfinches foraging in gras and lawns. They also like the little gras buds and seeds. It's good if they stay at their natural diet and not eat only from the feeder with its powerful but less varied seeds.

  • He' still there. In the spotting scope I see today he is mostly eating dandelion seed heads. Plus some demolishing daisy flowers. I was aware of their notoriety for eating fruit blossom; it's him spending so much time on the ground that is so surprising.
    Serins in the garden! Wow, where's that, Mart? Here in Dorset we get loads of Goldfinch, Siskin, Greenfinch, Chaffinch and even Yellowhammer in the garden as well as the Bullfinches. Only the Chaffinches and this maverick Bullfinch ever come down to ground level. Perhaps I'd better be checking out our Siskins to check for Serins.
  • In reply to Tony Fulford:

    Hi Tony
    The Serins are in Berlin, Germany, I already heard you don't have many Serins in England.
    We can find all the Finches you mention in and outside Berlin. Yellowhammers, Linnets and Bullfinches more outside Berlin, the others aswell in the parks gardens and trees of the city.
    At least the "German" Siskins are all back to their breeding areas in Scandinavia and Northern Russia.