Potential red kite spotting

I was just walking my dog along worlds end lane in green street green/chelsfield area, and soaring directly above my head was what appeared to be a red kite. Buzzards are very common especially near the motorway but to see the distinctive colouring and kite shaped tail was unmistakable. A really exciting spot for me, especially in the kent/london border area, I only thought these birds were up north and Wales?  if only my phone  camera was better quality, but it was a lot closer to me than the photos portray. 

  • Unmistakeably a Red Kite, Nick. They are by no means restricted to the north and Wales. They can be seen in large swathes of Southern and Central England. They have spread since their reintroduction in the Chilterns back in the 90's. Where I live near Reading it's very common to see 6 or more circling above my village. Great birds to watch as they soar on the thermals.



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    Thanks Tony. I’m a bit of a noob as the kids say, when it comes to bird spotting. It’s still new and quite exciting to me, but it’s great to hear they’re more common than I was aware of, means they’re thriving hopefully. I actually love spotting any wildlife but rare bird spotting gets me excited the most. Thanks Tony.
  • Hello Nick, well spotted, when you zoom in on your photos you can see the picture clearly enough that it is a Red Kite. When you said up north or Wales, I am way way up north, up at the very top, in Caithness, at the other end of the country form you! Enjoy your new hobby.

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  • Great bird to see, Nick they have spread round many parts of the UK since the reintroduction programme back in the 1980's/1990's. They are fairly easy to recognise so even non birders seem to take them to heart. For myself as a keen raptor watcher aI never tire of watching them.


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