Plans to develop the Berney Arms Pub close to the remote RSPB Berney Marshes into housing

I've been the this article about the Berney Arms Pup right beside the most remote RSPB reserve in mainland England, Berney Marshes and possible housing development. I do know the only way to visit Berney Marshes is by boat, walking about 5-6 miles from and back to civilisation or by train to the remote Berney Arms Railway Station and impossible to access Berney Marshes by car. I’ve never visited Berney Marshes myself. Does anyone have any information about this development and what is the RSPB’s thinking about this possible development?



  • As long as no road is built across the marsh it will probably not have too much of an impact - in all likelihood the 4 units will be bought as holiday accommodation by some Londoners.
    However, there is a farm nearby [which has unsurfaced vehicle access to the wider world), and I fear that any developer will push to get shared use of this access - inevitably leading to later 'access improvement'.