Thoughts on Leighton Moss meet up 2021

  • Well, we got to LM early this morning and the next photo sums up how our day went from start to finish   LOL         So you get no photos as sightings were not great  !! 

    It wasn't a great day to be honest considering this was our first return for 18 months.     Where were the robins ambushing us on the footpaths - only saw three on the whole reserve ?   I came with a full pot of mealworms and left with the same   !!     Apart from two distant Marsh Harriers which showed too briefly the main birds we saw were Coots who seem to have had an excellent breeding season and Black Headed Gulls.     Birds were sparse,  vegetation was too well established making it hard to see any birds that we could hear.    The pandemic has a lot to answer for as reed/grass/woodland maintenance is now lagging behind due to fewer staff I presume.        Lower Hide was closed as we expected but all other hides were open as well as Sky Tower but I have to say it was a disappointing day after waiting so long to get back to our old haunt.    I thought it would be peak time to visit as two years ago I remember lots of Sedge Warblers, Willow Warblers,  Water Rails, Marsh Harriers, etc.    to name but a few  .....     I only heard a handful of warblers calling.         I think tomorrow we will start at the salt marsh and weather should be a bit better as it was very dull and cloudy today although remained dry.      We might take a trip to Foulshaw Moss at some stage if the LM reserve stays quiet.   Fingers crossed things pick up !!  

    Looking forward to seeing you & Mr.GB   on Wednesday Ann  :)     


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Such a shame that day one was a disappointment for you, Hazel. As for the Robins, of course you know that they have had to find their own food for much of the time since late March last year, so they are seriously out of practice of begging or they are last year's fledglings with little or no experience of treats from those two-legged hoomans! And as for the vegetation and path maintenance, not really surprising that much more is needed; I expect that like most places, many of the staff have been furloughed and volunteers may not have been permitted on site for much of the pandemic. It is up to you to train the new fledglings about meal worms by going up there regularly for the rest of the year-lol!

    Kind regards, Ann

  • HCT still have the body. I have contacted a taxidermist of note and he will be working his magic once they send it to him.
    Hopefully things will have levelled out by next year and I'll make it to LM. It will be three years by then.
    Seems like it is quieter there today, but with some finer weather I'm sure you won't be disappointed by what you see.
    Good luck.

    Unicum arbustum haud alit duos erithacos

    (One bush does not shelter two Robins)

    Zenodotus (3rd Century B.C.)


  • In reply to HAZY:

    Going on pst experience I do not think this is the best time to visit LM at times it has seemed like nothing but BH Gulls and maybe a bit early for wader movement. Two of our local reserves are a bit like mini Leighton Mosses and apart from breeding Warblers and Common Terns it is very quiet, good for flutterbyes and Damsels and Dragons though.


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can

  • I think this year is a write off for many breeding birds and also catch up work on reserves so not sure we'll be going back too often until things get back on track again and we have less restrictions; it's difficult enough juggling between eyeglasses, binoculars and camera without face masks to contend with LOL It's still nice to wander around in the fresh air despite the amount of bird sightings but the sunshine may bring them out tomorrow - maybe !
    I'm now more focusing on forum meet up 2022 !!! Hope you have a safe drive up north Ann but make sure you have your valid passport and vaccination card for North West LOL We walked 6.2 miles today without relalising it but feet up now with a cuppa :) See you soon :)


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again"