feeding magpies and crows


Robins, blackbirds, 4 tits and woodies all do very well from our feeding....while the crows and magpies look on!

I know they get a bad press but I like them just the same - do they benefit from feeding like everyone else and if so, what should we put out for them?


  • Magpies and crows eat small birds and eggs, incl pigeon eggs, so you are already feeding them to some extent. They are also clever, adaptable and versatile re menu. They both eat apples here. They also eat leftovers put out for the foxes. I know magpies also eat seeds from feeders.
  • As Robbo says, indirectly you are.

    But that is nature, nature does a similar thing, and its all part of the balance of life, keeping numbers where they should be.

    Nature can be harsh at times, its not all sweetness.


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  • We have a year round family of Magpies and I know they eat young and small birds BUT ours do a lot to safe guard them too. I always know when a cat is within 100 meters of our garden as I can hear Maggies ( original name I know lol) alarm calls, they also as pair harasses and chase off cats who imho are a bigger risk to song birds than Corvids, they will actually pull the cats tails and dive bomb them . Anyway as to feeding my male Magpie Maggie comes for food when called. I feed him on an old garden table and feed them meal worms live and dried, dead locusts ( we have reptiles and Tarantulas) dog food ( we feed our dogs raw so minced meat, bone and offal) and cheese he loves cheese. Beware though when I have a lie it, he comes round to the front of the house and shouts at the bedroom window lol

  • We have a flock of magpies (7 or 8) that come into our garden every morning without fail. They even share the food with the local flock of wild parakeets that frequent our area. They also chase the squirrels out of our garden, much to our families amusement.