Sunrises and Sunsets 2021: share your photos here

Last years thread provided lots of interesting and colourful photos, so I thought we'd carry it on, but for 2021. The link to last years thread: "Sunrises and Sunsets 2020; Share your photos here" if you're interested in looking back.

The photos don't all have to be of the sun rising or setting, they can be dusk, reflections from the sun in the colours that are often cast on objects.

I've a few to kickstart this years thread off, and look forward to seeing every one's contributions through the year.

New Years Day got off to a grizzly start, cloudy, drizzle and generally yuk, but the following day, we had a decent sunrise, and the colours rendered on surrounding objects just made the cold morning, pleasant.

The sunrise just kept giving, but that is the bonus of the countryside rather than an urban sunrise...

Please, feel free to share your photos here.


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