Can somoene tell my why this Blackbird has lighter brown feathers in its wing? Is it a juvenile? Thx


Sorry for the bad photo. It's a still taken off a wildlife cam video 

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  • Hello Joanne, I would say it is a male with brown wings. It is called Leucism, when there is a partial loss of colour in the pigmentation. The bird could be the correct colour but have a different coloured head, wing, tail, underbody or it could be patchy all over.

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  • I agree it is male as it is too dark for a female, but the bill is not yet fully yellow, so I think it is a youngster. I wouldn't like to say whether its age is the only explanation for the unusual colouring or not, but that brown does look a fairly normal colour for juvenile plumage so maybe it is just the wing that hasn't moulted yet for whatever reason.


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  • It is an immature/1st Winter male. It's older than a juvenile, which would otherwise be speckled and brown. More info is here, and you'll also see an individual that looks the same as yours.

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    Thank you everyone. Especially Robbo for the website. Very Informative

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