Return Of The Raptor

Spotted our visitor on Wed this week, firstly in the pond having a good bath but no pictures. No camera to hand and wrong lens fitted. Having sorted the camera the Sparrowhawk had flown up onto the wooden screening around the bottom od the garden.

Posing nicely to dry its feathers. Just wish I was as steady on one leg as the Sprawk is

Even flapping its wings on one leg.

Think it might have spotted me at the window.

Is it waving with one wing?

And I certainly won't try to swivel my neck 180 degrees

Oh its you again

Some thing caught its attention 

And then it was gone, sorry for soo many pics but it was sat there for 20/30 mins. I think its a juvenile and had quite a full crop, perhaps it had a wash in the pond to clean it self after a feed somewhere else.