Lock Down in parts of North East England possibly later this week. Announcement tomorrow!

I’m waiting in apprehension about possible lock down in parts of North East England tomorrow, including the area that I live. I have heard that Liverpool is going to have the highest restriction which could last up to 6 months. If I read correctly in what the highest restriction could mean apart from certain work places closing, it could also mean not being able to travel out of that area that you live unless it’s for an essential reason. If it happens in the town where I live, the most worrying thing that could affect me would mean not being able to get out birdwatching outside of the town where I live close to Newcastle. Has anyone else the same uncertainties about the announcement tomorrow and if like me could possibly be put in to higher restrictions in an area where this could happen. How do you feel. I don’t know how I would cope if that did indeed happen later this week for up to 6 months possibly of not being able to travel beyond the town where I live. Has anyone else the same concerns. I’ve taken all the safety precautions particularly when travelling on local transport and at local birdwatching areas. It will be interesting how others feel if they live in an area if this might them in the area where they live!



  • Just been reading of these possibilities Ian & sorry to hear you may be affected by stricter measures but stay safe, stay strong & most importantly stay in touch with the community ... even though I am way down South I have stayed mostly at home due to age & some infirmity ... my garden & visiting birds are a great solace!


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  • Weare waiting to see what happens with Essex County Council At the moment Clacton is at medium, but one councillor wants parts of Essex on tier 2.


  • Inevitably, Suffolk is tier 1. Naturally the Conservative MPs across the county are smugly congratulating themselves (and b****Y Boris) on this sensible system .......... I can only imagine what they'd be saying if we were tier 3.

    I can see where that Essex councillor is coming from ........ why wait for things to get worse? Which they will.

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.

  • Here in Cheshire East we have just gone into the high level Tier 2 so no more cups of coffee or dinner with the other lovely neighbours for a while and definitely no trips to Tier 3 on the Wirral; to be honest, we are not venturing very far these days except on the adjacent parkland around our new residence where during the week we rarely see anyone, even the workers on the science park area are mostly on furlough .... except the lab testing the covid samples ! Still very hard to believe the new world we are currently living in so stay safe everyone. The forum will get us through LOL


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  • Sorry that you will be in the categories that are going to have further restrictions Ian. It is very difficult times that we are living through and will be for some time. Every few weeks there are more changes, we seem to be going back and forth with the restrictions. Up here we are now not allowed in others homes but can go into the garden. Pubs and restaurants closed at 6pm but can serve alcohol outside until 10pm. I could not go into my parents house to celebrate my dad's birthday last Monday but could sit outside at a 2m distance and could go for food with them and sit only 1m apart! I am now back working from home 2 days and 1 in the surgery, to try and avoid too much mixing. I think the next to come will be a restriction on the travel. We live in a small village on the North Coast 500 route, the traffic this year is unbelievable with camper vans and tourers especially, it is like a motorway, constant traffic. Outwith Covid this would be fantastic for tourism, shops, hotels, BB, activities, but not just now as you don't know where the folk have travelled from and how careful they are being. The big problem is that folk who are camping, biking and where some sites are still not open for tourers, are dumping there own human waste all over the place!!

    Hope you manage to find somewhere to go out birding Ian but the main thing, to everyone, is to keep safe and well and keep posting on the community. We will all be here for each other, keeping spirits up and having some good old banter. It will help get us through, I am sure. CL.

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  • I’ve heard earlier on the BBC Radio 4 hour long news programme at 5.00pm that a parliamentary committee have recommended that North East England and a few other area’s in North West England have been recommended to be put into the very high restrictions. Haven’t seen elsewhere to confirm if that is 100% correct!