Ducks at Shottesbrooke Park in Berkshire

I hope that this is the right place to ask whether or not anyone can help with the ID of a couple of ducks. We didn't have the best camera with us and the ducks weren't close, but this photos hopefully give enough of an idea. The first appears to me most like a Ferruginous Duck, though from my books this is not at all common. The second was busy dabbling,so some of the apparent marks are actually water droplets; it has a yellow bill and I was intrigued that it was holding itself so low in the water, with its neck completely submerged: the closest in appearance in the RSPB book is a Gadwall, but mine is far from "buoyant in the water". An  y ideas? Ta very much!

  • They are not ducks, Mary, but Little Grebes. The second photo is of an adult. Your first photo is possibly a juvenile. This is adopting a typical posture when its trying to beg for food from its parent.



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  • Oh thank you TeeJay: of course you are right! I'd not clocked before how bright the red-brown plumage is: perhaps I'm more used to looking for them near the reeds in small rivers, where they've been less out in the sun. I did note at the time that the 2nd one had markings on its head and neck - so I'm sure you're right about it being a begging juvenile. Ta again!