Where are all my starlings?!

Hi All,

I'm new to this forum but am concerned about my garden starlings. I've been feeding my garden birds for about two years and have always had masses of starlings and since being in lockdown, this seemed to increase even more as I was able to feed them multiple times a day when the fledglings appeared. So I must have had around 100 at any one time!

But they have literally disappeared over night!? I put out mealworms for them Sunday afternoon and usually these are consumed within minutes but I first noticed yesterday that they were still on my ground feeder. Now that I have been more conscious I have only seen 2 or 3 juvenile starlings out and that is it.

I saw recently that Nature England have approved culling starlings and I'm really worried something bad has happened to them, but at the same time it seems odd that so many of them have disappeared??

I would appreciate any bird experts who might be more aware of Starling habits!

Thanks in advance