This year in the garden

is there something different about 2020 (apart from Covid19) I’ve never seen so many birds in my garden  or so many nesting birds. Blue tits, great tits, goldfinches, robins, an occasional wren, blackbirds, dunnocks and jays, magpies and woodpeckers but not often. Even heard a cuckoo yesterday.

  • There could be a correlation between less human activity and more wildlife activity. Perhaps as people aren't going about their normal business the wildlife has been able to flourish. Also, with people at home, perhaps spending more time watching their gardens, more are feeding the local birds. Also, it could just be a perception thing, Is it possible the wildlife is the same but you were busy living your life and not noticed it previously? I've lost count of the number of reports on how loud the birds are... probably no louder than normal, just not drowned out by humanity's background hum that we all take for granted.
    Just a few idea's there :o)
  • The mild, wet Winter will be amongst the biggest factors. Also, cars won't have been roaming much with all that long spell of rain, and now with owners at home, might be sticking around the house more.
  • I had the same thoughts, but PB,s reply makes a lot of sense. Since lock down there seems to be less air pollution as well, but for how long ?
  • The biggest factor for how many garden birds get through the Winter and being in gardens in Spring is weather (and associated food availability). Wrens, dunnocks, LTT's and other small birds are clobbered in cold Winters. Mild, wet Winters keep vastly more alive that would otherwise die in typical conditions. Likewise, blackbirds, robins, thrushes, starlings, jays and similar survive far better when the ground isn't frozen.
  • I think the thing to take on board is, very often its a combination of factors that have an influence, and all the aforementioned will be contributory.

    As far as bird life here is concerned, not much noticeable change, however, for the first time, foxes are becoming more prevalent during the daytime (which reminds me I've vids to edit and upload), and I'm out in the garden more!

    I will also here, we are impacted by the destruction of open countryside and woodland  for the construction of HS2, so for me, it is difficult to define, but definitely not something I'd rule out.


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  • Every year I get a few more birds. I would guess because I'm letting my garden grow up and out in a half-managed way, so there's more space to nest, feed & mate. Like folks are saying, I'm working from home, and I'm in the garden off and on during day, so the birds are less worried about me, and hence more comfortable nesting perhaps?
    Good question though!