RSPB have closed their reserves, while HS2 still works!

Seen on Twitter from RSPB England (@RSPBEngland):

We have closed our nature reserves to protect people. So why have

contractors not stopped work yet? How can destroying ancient woodlands be "essential" in this #COVID19 crisis? Saving nature is essential. Destroying it is not.

stop now.


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  • I see Chris Packham's request for a judicial review has been overturned by the judges!

    I have to ask, is the govt really interested in saving the environment, or is it just an excuse to look good!

    I feel that we will pay for this, not just with the loss of habitats, but financially as well!

    The following is a quote from RSPB England on Twitter:

    RSPB England  (@RSPBEngland) tweeted at 3:34 pm on Fri, Apr 03, 2020:
    We are saddened by the news that @ChrisGPackham injunction and judicial review has been turned down by the high court today.

    Sadly, if this work proceeds, it is highly likely that birds' nests will be destroyed. HS2, it appears, continues to be an example of WORST practice.


    Flickr Peak Rambler