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  • It's not just around you Mike & it's people who are in touch with nature. I live in a vine-growing region & the producers put little plastic sacs around the new plants. Sometimes it's odd ones in an existing plot, sometimes it's a whole field. They often leave on for years until they completly disintigrate & blow into all the ditches. The machine comes around to cut the verges & cuts them into small pieces & they end up clogging the ditches & some get carried out to sea by heavy rain. Nothing is done about it. I get so angry.

    Over Xmas I went around & cleared all the local ditches & ended up with this lot

    The bottles were all cleaned up & recycled & the rest went to the local dump. It's a huge problem & nobody cares!! It's a disgrace. Like the field of bright orange grass on the marshes where farmers use weedkiller right up to the ditches & then wonder why the frogs are all disappearing. Frankly it would be better for the world if we were all wiped out.

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    Hazel in the Gironde estuary, France

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    Hazel C said:

    It's not just around you Mike & it's people who are in touch with nature. 

    I know it is happening everywhere across our planet, and I really do appreciate you sharing your concerns and observations.
    I often say; "Thank goodness I'm old", but I do actually mean something along the lines of your last sentence.
    I guess its hard for the younger generations to appreciate the level of destruction, they've grown into the world as we know it today. It will only be when some of them will be in their late 20's+, when they see the countryside as they knew it gone, and realise we're right to be concerned and the older generations were right to moan.


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